Advances in Marine Geoscience: At the Interface between Physical and Chemical Oceanography

Sasha Turchyn (Cambridge), Bill Austin (St Andrews), Kelly Hogan (BAS)

Advances in our understanding of processes within the ocean are becoming increasingly interdisciplinary, bridging the gap between the physical, biological and chemical geosciences. Paleo-oceanographic studies, for example, use chemical signals recorded in biological minerals to reconstruction physical motion within the ocean to understand how carbon was once stored. Similarly, modern studies of physical processes within the ocean basins rely on chemical tracers to ground truth the geophysical reconstructions. This session seeks to bring together people from across the marine geoscience community to share new work at the interface between physical, biological, chemical or paleo-oceanography which explores the evolution or functioning of Earth's ocean. We particularly are seeing those who bridge gaps between disciplines within the field of Marine Geoscience.

This session is co-sponsored by the Marine Studies Group of the Geological Society.