Scientist working in CEIDR lab

About us

Our mission is to minimise the impact of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance on human health in Liverpool, the UK and globally.

Our values

We’re committed to excellence in our research activity, with diversity, integrity and equality at the essence of everything we do. Our partnerships with like-minded organisations ensure we represent the needs of people in our local area, those elsewhere in the UK and overseas.

Our history

Liverpool has a long, illustrious history in research into infectious diseases, clinical pharmacology and global health. We channel our world-leading resources in these areas into protecting public health. Through multidisciplinary working, tying together knowledge from local and global communities, we produce outcomes with measureable public health, clinical and commercial benefits.

Our challenges

We’re tackling all infectious diseases, concentrating our efforts on the most pressing threats to human health.

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

The vast scale of this problem and the urgency around intervention places antimicrobial resistance at the forefront of our priorities. Preventing antibiotic use through vaccination and sanitation is just as important a focus for our work as developing new drugs.

Our solutions

CEIDR's innovative facilities are the key to developing answers to our challenges. These will translate into meaningful, measurable benefits to public health.

Liverpool Antimicrobial Reactor (LAR)

Linking regional Contract Research Organisations with existing areas of excellence in Liverpool, the LAR will determine the optimal doses of new and existing antimicrobial products to treat infections for patients in Liverpool and beyond.

Liverpool Precision Dosing Unit (LPDU)

Moving away from the current model of standardised prescription, the LPDU will develop ways to use information in real-time about infection, working with partners to deliver safe, personalised dosing models for patient benefits.

Liverpool Smart Antimicrobial System (SAS)

Providing an inventive, city-wide surveillance, evidence and feedback system to promote optimal antimicrobial use, detect AMR city-wide, support its management and much more.  SAS will integrate information to help the care of individuals and better coordinate NHS and local care services, building on the Liverpool City Region Civic Data Cooperative.

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