Literature in Language Learning Conference

The Department of Modern Language and Cultures at the University of Liverpool is hosting the Literature in Language Learning Conference, which will take place on 14 June 2019. This one-day conference aims to be a forum to exchange experiences on teaching literature in the foreign language classroom, both at Secondary and Higher Education levels, in what we hope to be a “mutual inter-illumination of literature, language and cultural understandings” (Hall, 2015: 3).

Registrations now open.

A renewed interest in literature is gradually emerging in the foreign language teaching curriculum as demonstrated in numerous studies (e.g. Hall 2015; Matos 2012; Paran 2010; Sell 2005). The surge of research groups and new online tools on this topic, such as the Litinclass website (, Almeida, Duarte and Puig, 2016), testifies to the relevance of this pedagogical approach to the teaching of Modern Foreign Languages. There is increased awareness that the reading of literary texts helps students to develop their language skills: “[l]iterature exposes students to complex themes and fresh, unexpected uses of language” (Lazar 1993: 15). Moreover, the study of literature in the language classroom provides students with the intercultural skills that are increasingly necessary in the contemporary globalised world: “[a]t present, students who are extensive travellers demand a different approach to the cultural dimension” (Matos 2012: 7).

Our conference’s keynote speakers will be addressing the new directions in literature in language learning (Professor Geoff Hall), the link between literature in language learning and the development of intercultural skills (Dr Ana Gonçalves Matos), and literature in language learning in the context of the current A-levels (Dr Idoya Puig).

We are also calling for proposals of papers, workshops and posters, which present case studies and innovative experiences with academic underpinning, on amongst others, the following topics:

  • Literature in Language Learning & Translation
  • Literature in Language Learning & Oral/Aural Skills
  • Literature in Language Learning & Interculturality
  • Literature in Language Learning & Textbooks
  • Literature in Language Learning & Other Media/New Technologies
  • Literature in Language Learning & Creative Writing
  • Literature in Language Learning & New A Level Programmes
  • Literature in Language Learning & Assessment

Download the Literature in Language Learning Conference programme

Submission Guidelines

We invite submissions for three types of presentation:

  • INDIVIDUAL PAPERS or WORKSHOPS: Oral presentations on original research by one or more authors within a 20-minute period.
  • POSTERS: Posters will be displayed throughout the day, with a chance to discuss its content during the lunch break. Posters of standard A0 size should be submitted to the registration desk on the morning of the conference.

Please submit an abstract of no more than 300 words in English including a title of no more than 15 words, by 5pm, Friday 22 March 2019 (new extended deadline), to Ms Ana Bela Almeida (, Dr Rosalba Biasini ( and Dr Ulrike Bavendiek (

Please indicate the presentation category (paper, workshop, or poster) in your submission. The abstract document should be titled: “LLL_First Name_Second Name”.

The language of the conference is English.

Speaker bios

Geoff Hall is Professor of English at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, Head of the School of English from 2011-2015, then Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2015-2018. He was editor of SAGE journal Language and Literature from 2010-16. Geoff has taught, trained teachers and supervised research across a wide range of different countries and contexts including Chile and Singapore in the last year. Some of Geoff’s recent publications include: Literature in Language Education (Palgrave Macmillan, second edition 2015); ‘Using Literature in ELT’, The Routledge Handbook of ELT (2016), ‘Literature and the English Language,’ in Routledge Handbook of English Language (2018), and Hall, G. and Yang, Q. ‘Literature in English language learning in China in tertiary education’ In Literature Education in the Asia-Pacific, (Routledge, 2018).

Ana Gonçalves Matos is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Modern Languages, Cultures and Literatures in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Nova University Lisbon. She is the coordinator of three Masters’ programmes in ELT. She also contributes to the postgraduate research programme with the seminar 'Multilingualism and Education for a Global Citizenship'. She coordinates pre-service teacher training and supervises several PhD and MA theses.  She is a researcher at CETAPS (Centre for English, Translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies), where she integrates the Teacher Education and Applied Language Studies research group. Her areas of interest include intercultural education, citizenship education, education through the Arts, and literature in education.

Idoya Puig is a Senior Lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University. She did her PhD on Cervantes and the Novelas Ejemplares at Westfield College, University of London. She has published a number of articles on Cervantes and Sixteenth-Century Spanish culture and society and edited Tradition and Modernity: Cervantes’ Presence in Spanish Contemporary Literature Oxford: Peter Lang, 2009, about Cervantes’ influence on contemporary literature. She is presently working on exploring ways to bring back literature to the language class and teaching literary classics. She is working on the Litinclass project and preparing a publication on Approaches to Teaching Spanish Golden Age Texts in the Twenty-First Century.