Slivers of Silver

Slivers of Silver

The pandemic, for all of its awfulness, has perhaps offered up a sliver of silver-lining in the sense that we have had to rethink some of our approaches to learning and teaching with some positive outcomes. In particular “digital” spaces have generally become more accepted as legitimate spaces for learning and teaching and we know that many subject areas had to rethink assessment practices, with the emergence of some innovative approaches to authentic assessment.

Our challenge now is to build upon these innovative approaches as part of a post-pandemic learning experience that maximises the potential of our physical and digital spaces and retains any good practice in assessment, learning and teaching as part of that hybrid approach.

Video Vignettes

A key part of this process is for us to collate and share examples of good practice that have emerged across the institution. These “slivers of silver” that have emerged from the Covid cloud can be anything relating to the learning and teaching experience that you or your students feel have been a positive step change to the learning and teaching experience.

We would like to capture these as short videos and share them across the institution to inspire others to try out these ideas and to encourage further innovation.

The videos can be recorded by yourself at your own computer (through Canvas Studio) or with support from colleagues in the Centre for Innovation in Education (CIE) who will make arrangements with you to do so. The videos should be no longer than 10 minutes and based upon the following questions:

  • What did you do?
  • Why did it work?
  • What were the benefits (for staff and/or students)?
  • What would you change?
  • How could we develop this idea in the future?

If you would be interested in contributing your video vignette as part of this activity, please complete this video information form.

If you would like to talk through your example beforehand with someone or would prefer to submit it in another format then please email and one of the educational developers would be more than happy to have a chat.

This is a real opportunity for us to capture the many positive experiences our staff and students have had, despite the wider challenges forced upon us, so we hope you will take this opportunity to reflect on your own experience and share with us those “slivers of silver”.

There is no immediate deadline for the submission of the video recordings, but we would like to showcase the videos as part of the Learning & Teaching Conference (July 2022). Therefore, once we have received your form submission we will contact you and agree a deadline.

Instructions for recording and submission of Self-Recorded videos

Canvas Studio

  1. Recording Videos Using Canvas Studio.
  2. Share Canvas Studio Video.

Alternate Recording Software

  1. Download your video or find it from your desktop/files.
  2. Go to WeTransfer.
  3. Upload your file and enter cie-drt@liverpool
  4. Send.

Slivers of Silver videos

You can search for the Slivers of Silver videos that have already been shared with us through our CIE Resources search table. Please enter Slivers of Silver in the search box of the search table.


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