Microsoft Teams Champions Series

The University of Liverpool Microsoft Teams Champions Series

The University of Liverpool Microsoft Teams Champions Series is a collection of video case studies showcasing the work of a stellar group of committed innovators who have taken part in the 2019-2020 pilot for the adoption of Microsoft Teams for teaching and learning.

Episode 1: Student Participation & Collaboration

Dr Rob Treharne from the School of Life Sciences

Confidence Digital Fluency

Dr Rob Treharne from the School of Life Sciences narrates how he used Microsoft Teams to coordinate and deliver teaching to 400+ first year undergraduates in Life Sciences. He explains the shift from e-mail communication to a more communal type of conversation using Teams to problem solve and create a peer support system among students. Rob also found a great alternative to the conventional whiteboard by using OneNote and the ‘meetings’ function  to record and create a live Q&A around the content. 

Episode 2: Labs and Project Based Learning

Dr Chris Edmonds from the Department of Physics

Active Learning Authentic Assessment Confidence Digital Fluency

Dr Chris Edmonds from the Department of Physics takes us through the work he has done in his 2nd year electronics lab with physics students. He streamlined the collaborative process of project based learning using the collaboration and communication tools in Microsoft Teams. Students shifted from commercial platforms to a more professional flow of dialogue with peers and staff using Teams, and coordinated and shared documents with team members in a seamless collaboration environment. Chris also made use of OneNote to embed a regular assessment as an interactive workbook to which demonstrators can access, mark and give feedback in one single platform.

Episode 3: Pedagogy, Assessment, Communication and Online Delivery 

Clive Newton from the Department of English

Active Learning Authentic Assessment Digital Fluency

Clive Newton, from the English Department, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, shows how he has used Microsoft Teams to deliver teaching on his MA TESOL and Applied Linguistics module, Digital Technologies For Language Teaching. Students on these programmes are either already-experienced foreign language teachers, or pre-service ‘teachers-to-be’. Firstly, Clive illustrates a multi-faceted approach, using Teams, though a simulation, to demonstrate the potential for in-class texting to be used as a vehicle for second language practice. Clive also discusses his use of Teams for formal assessment of out-of-class group discussions and collaborative Wiki production. Thirdly, he considers the value of Teams as a vehicle for more immediate student-to-tutor and student-to-student day-to-day communication. Finally, in an era of online teaching, he discuss the value of Teams for the remote delivery of content and in facilitating online group-based student interaction.

Episode 4: Moving to Synchronous Online Teaching

Dr Maria Limniou from the School of Psychology, Dr Monica Chavez Munoz and Dr Tunde Varga-Atkins from the Centre for Innovation in Education

Research Connected Teaching Active Learning Confidence Digital Fluency

The University of Liverpool's Dr. Maria Limniou (Lecturer in Digital Education and Innovation, School of Psychology), Dr. Monica Chavez and Dr. Tunde Varga-Atkins (Centre for Innovation in Education) invite the Psychology and TEL team to take us through the experience of how they transition to online teaching using Teams during the emergency period of lockdown.

Featuring in the discussion:

Dr. Paul Catherall - Librarian for Online Programmes
Caroline Hands - Demonstrator, School of Psychology
Yiovanna Derpsch - Demonstrator School of Psychology
Jonathan Taylor - TEL Technician, School of Psychology

The team offer their top tips for delivering a synchronous online session within the 3 basic steps for delivering a webinar: before, during and after its delivery. For example, having a test run (before) and enlisting a lecture buddy (during).

This video case study closes some insights to deliver active learning sessions as part of the transition to Hybrid Learning. 

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The University of Liverpool Microsoft Teams Champions Series by Dr Rob Treharne, Dr Chris Edmonds, Clive Newton, Dr Maria Limniou, Dr Monica Chavez Munoz and Dr Tunde Varga-Atkins is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.