Microsoft Teams Champions Programme

The Microsoft Teams Champions Programme

The Centre for Innovation in Education and Microsoft in Education is driving the adoption of Teams in the classroom at the University of Liverpool. Our mission is to support, empower and innovate. We called for our institution’s star educators to join our 2019-2020 pilot, and what a stellar group has come together!

We are the Champions

John Brindle

I’m a learning technologist for the University of Liverpool Management School and have been here for almost two years now. I’ve had a varied past in the field of education I’ve been head of vocational and academic music at a sixth form college, a professional musician, a content developer, and an instructional/eLearning designer.

In the Management School, I enjoy using Education Technology in several different contexts. My favourite use of EdTech comes from my love of Scenario-Based learning and simulations. It’s great to see students engaged in real-world problems and making business decisions in a safe and interactive environment.

Dr Chris Edmonds

I am a lecturer on a Teaching and Scholarship pathway at the Department of Physics, I focus on physics education and methods for engaging diverse audiences with science. For this role I develop innovative educational programmes for undergraduate courses, which takes influence from a strong interest in student-centred learning approaches and experiences from public engagement work.

Through my own modules and initiatives (including the final year project module and the Faculties Innovative Student’s Hub), I aim to provide authentic and immersive learning experiences, as well as opportunities for students to take part in interdisciplinary projects. The success of these is underpinned by building student’s confidence to work independently. I have found that software tools like MS Teams help students have good (contextualised) access to the information they need, which supports students in building a coherent narrative around the work they are doing.

Dr Maria Limniou

I am a Lecturer in Digital Education and Innovation at the University of Liverpool and Senior Fellow of the Advance Higher Education. I am interested in how students learn through the use of technology in-class and/or outside class and how students can be facilitated to learning by integrating different learning tools into Higher Education.

Clive Newton

I have worked at the University of Liverpool since 2001. From that time, I have continued my role as lecturer in a range of MA TESOL / Applied Linguistics modules, working both in the ELC and co-opted into Department of English. At one time or another I have lectured and convened post-graduate modules in Methods in English Language Teaching, Lexis and Language Teaching, Course and Materials Design, Classroom Observation and Practical Classroom Techniques. I formally joined the Department of English in September 2016 and I current teach on, and convene the modules, Methods in English Language Teaching, Research Skills and Testing and Assessment of Language Performance.

Dr Robert Treharne

I am a Technology Enhanced Learning Lecturer in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Liverpool. I use a wide range of technology in the classroom to deliver training in maths, statistics and coding. I love collaborative and interactive activities in my classes and am a huge fan of SLACK, Google Docs and Poll Everywhere for use in large group workshop scenarios. I am also the founder of HiPy – a student led, cross faculty coding initiative that uses the amazing Jupyter Notebooks to provide dynamic training in Python and R coding. I can’t wait to start using Microsoft Teams with my students this term.

Dr Tünde Varga-Atkins

I work as a Senior Educational Developer, focusing on digital education support for university staff. Having a hybrid educational background, with English language and literature, Information and Computer Science, I have always been fascinated about how technology can enhance learning in all areas of education. I have made use of this curiosity in my recent doctoral study in e-Research and Technology-Enhanced Learning exploring different disciplines’ approach to developing their students’ digital fluency in the curriculum. I am also interested in organisational learning and how enterprise systems can enable this. Naturally, I love Teams for offering exactly this kind of opportunity.

Step up your game!

You can also catch that light and be part of our Champions Programme. Stretch past the limits of current practice and comfort zone to create even bigger things.

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