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Champions Community (Microsoft Teams)

The Champions Community is an institutional virtual community of practice (VCoP) created to address the barriers to the use of technology in staff at the University of Liverpool. The work of the 'Champions' in this VCoP has been crucial in implementing and sustaining this community because of the culture of collegiality, experimentation, and peer-to-peer learning and networking they enable for and via the community. To find out more about this community, please visit the open resource: Developing Communities for Practice for Education.

Champions is an award-winning community of practice to learn new skills and work practices, create a social and professional connection to colleagues, and to reduce the isolation triggered by the abrupt change to remote working. The community members are practitioners and developers of communal resources: experiences, stories, tools, ways of addressing recurring problems, and have developed their practice through a variety of activities such as problem solving, seeking experience, reusing developments, and growing confidence in the use of digital tools for teaching (Microsoft Teams, Canvas, Zoom). Find out more about the University of Liverpool Champions.

Join the Champions Community on MS Teams (for University staff only).

The Champions Programme

The Champions Programme was designed and implemented to drive the adoption of Microsoft Teams for Teaching and Learning under the premise that every educator and every member of staff can become a self-directed digital education champion. In September 2019, the project kicked off with the participation of six academics from across all University of Liverpool faculties whose role was to empower others and support the adoption of Microsoft Teams for Learning and Teaching. These “Champions” participated in specialised training and activities as outlined in the Microsoft Teams Champions Programme Roadmap.

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