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Connecting with others: digital education networks and communities of practice

There are a number of communities of practice or networks that you can connect with to discuss all matters regarding digital education. We have listed our internal communities of practice (CoPs) and digital education networks, facilitated by CIE and also some of the really useful networks and CoPs externally.

Internal networks and communities of practice

Digital Education Network: Do you have an interest in digital education and want to network with University of Liverpool staff?

The DEN (Digital Education Network) is a cross-institutional network facilitated by CIE. Find out more about the Digital Education Network.

Canvas Connect Community, including weekly Canvas & Coffee

Canvas Connect is a community space for Canvas users at the University of Liverpool, meeting in Microsoft Teams. Find out more about where and when we meet and to join, see our Canvas Connect page.

Champions Community (Microsoft Teams)

Champions is an award-winning community of practice. To find out more and/or join, see our Champions Community of Practice page.

Social Media Network

The Social Media Network brings together any member of staff across the university who has an interest in using social media professionally. Find out more and/or join our Social Media Network.

Digital Everywhere Programme

The Digital Everywhere Programme is a strategic change project linked to education, research and impact as part of Strategy 2026. Its aims include boosting the digital literacy of staff and students and building on digital innovation opportunities. You can also help shape different aspects of the Programme by joining a digital community of practice, currently on AI and Virtual Assistants, but this will be extended to others in the future.

External networks and associations

We have listed a few external networks and communities of practice below which you might consider joining:

  • ALT (Association for Learning Technology)’s objective is "to advance education through increasing, exploring and disseminating knowledge in the field of Learning Technology for the benefit of the general public". ALT has a vibrant ALT-members mailing list, and as our University is an institutional member, you can sign up to this list for free. Do also look out for the annual ALT conferences (usually in the autumn and winter) which offer a great opportunity to disseminate your educational innovations. @A_L_T
  • ALT’s regional community, ALTNWESIG exists to provide a network for the exchange of ideas and practices in relation to current issues in educational technology with the aim of supporting the informed use of Learning Technologies in North West England.
  • ALT ELESIG is a community of researchers and practitioners from higher and further education who are involved in investigations of learners' experiences and uses of technology in learning. ALT ELESIG members work together to share knowledge and practice and develop a shared repertoire of resources which will be of benefit to the community and the sector. @ELESIG
  • The R&D division of Jisc (Joint Information Systems Committee, a membership organisation, providing digital solutions for UK education and research) identifies emerging technologies and develops them around particular sector needs – check out their site for current projects.
  • UCISA draws together and enhances the collective and individual expertise of the people leading and supporting digital transformation and services in educational institutions to the benefit of all members. UCISA is a member-led, open, impartial and representative association. It provides a national and international presence for the people responsible for digital transformation and who make information systems and services work. UCISA has a range of publications, resources and opportunities for awards – a useful association to bear in mind for your innovation projects.
  • SRHE (The Society for Research into Higher Education) is a UK-based international learned society concerned to advance understanding of higher education, especially through the insights, perspectives and knowledge offered by systematic research and scholarship. It holds events, a prestigious annual conference and has a digital university network, and also has awards and funding opportunities in case you wanted to explore these options.
  • #LTHEchat is 'the weekly Learning and Teaching in HE chat created by the community for the community' on Twitter every Wednesday 8-9pm - for more info and recent topics, please see their website (link above) and, of course, follow the hashtag via Twitter.

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