Liverpool Learning Summit 2022

Liverpool Learning Summit 2022: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The Liverpool Learning Summit took place from the 24 - 28 of January 2022.

Building on the success of the Liverpool Learning Summit 2021, which focused on Race Equality, the Centre for Innovation in Education expanded the theme of this year’s Summit to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). The Liverpool Learning Summit took place from the 24 - 28 of January 2022. 

The University of Liverpool is committed to equality, inclusion, diversity, and social justice (UoL Strategy 2026), and seeks to benefit not only those who are engaged in learning at the University, but also the wider community of Liverpool and the North West.  

Our Liverpool Curriculum Framework has recently added Inclusivity as a curriculum principle, to reflect the ongoing University commitment to the grand challenges facing Higher Education regarding decolonisation of the curriculum, the privileging of particular voices, and global sustainability.  

Equality legislation protects characteristics of: age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation (Equality Act 2010). In Higher Education we also need to consider socio-economic background, first generation students, care-leavers, commuters, carers, and those working, or studying part-time.

Awarding gaps in education need addressing (OfS, 2018), and belonging and engagement are recognised as crucial in this respect. Innovation is emerging (e.g. reverse mentoring, listening rooms) which supports a more accurate understanding of people’s lived experience, enabling all of us to reconsider what equality may look and feel like.

More information can be found here: Summit Presentations.

The aims and takeaways from the summit were:

  • Gain an insight into a variety of EDI issues and how they impact on individuals, organisations and wider society
  • Create an understanding of inequalities and exclusionary practices in the context of education and explore ways in which these are being addressed by universities and other organisations
  • Consider ways to promote equality, diversity and inclusion through your own teaching practices
  • Enable a wide and diverse range of voices to be heard and included within the summit
  • Gain an understanding of the diversity of education experiences students bring to the University and how UoL can help prepare students for the workplace

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