Learning and Teaching Conference 2022: Day Two

7 July 2022, 10:00am - 12:30pm with picnic afterwards. (*No actual baking required).

In 2 hours 30 minutes you and/or your team will work together to share your 'signature bakes' (best practice), participate in a 'technical challenge' (improve your understanding of an inclusive curriculum), and finally produce a 'deliciously inclusive showstopper' (design an inclusive activity or element of the curriculum). Ready, steady, bake!


  • Hyflex: 30 participants max., with a maximum of 20 in-person attendees. Location: Microsoft Teams, or 502.
  • Interactive session. Opportunity for groupwork if you wish (groups will not be hybrid - either fully online or fully in-person, or you may work on your own).
  • Shared activities to build and consider your understanding of what contributes to an inclusive curriculum.

Your challenge is:

Choose your area of interest from: Assessment, Learning Activities, Belonging and engagement.

  1. 'Signature Bake' - share your practice - what do you already do that you think is inclusive? why do it? things you want to try? problems you might be trying to solve?
  2. 'Technical Challenge' - interrogate existing practice via a 'ready-baked' example of either: assessment, a learning activity, an initiative or method to promote belonging and engagement.
  3. 'Showstopper Challenge' - choose whether to 'bake' (create) an assessment, learning activity, or way to enhance belonging and engagement, or something relevant to your practice. Expand on the inclusive elements in your 'bake' and share your 'showstopper' with others.


  • Shared experience as teachers and/or learners. (Please bring your own).
  • Materials about inclusivity, supporting your area of interest: (either: Assessment, Learning Activities, or Belonging and engagement). (Provided)
  • A 'ready-baked' imperfect example of (your choice of): Assessment, Learning Activities, Belonging and engagement, for you to improve. (Provided)
  • Prompts to allow you to create your own 'recipe' for (either): an assessment, a learning activity for students, or an initiative to support belonging and engagement (bring your own creativity, support provided).
  • Laptop or mobile device (please bring your own, or contact us for support).


(and/or covid-safe/virtual handshakes) for the best 'inclusive curriculum recipe' on the day!


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