Timetable - Day Two - Friday 5th July 2019

Registration 09:30-10:00  
The University Maze 10:00-12:30

What if our students experienced their curriculum as a maze? How would we support them through it? You and your team-mates have the power to influence their journey.

Join us for an immersive adventure, following a student's journey from induction to graduation and beyond via innovative game based activities focused around learning, teaching, and curriculum design.

You will gain new ideas and experience creative solutions for applying LivUni principles of curriculum design in practice. You will encounter real-world problem-solving and explore ideas that you may like to implement in your own programs and modules, thinking about the impact you will have on your future students.

Do you have what it takes to crack the university maze and create the best student experience?

Assessment Nightmare
Digital Wheel of Fluency
In-Clue-Do Resources
Placement Quest 1
Placement Quest 2

Lunch 12:30-13:00  
Close 14:30