Timetable - Day One - Thursday 4th July 2019

Registration 09:00-09:30  
Opening Address 09:30-09:45 Simon Thomson (Director, Centre for Innovation in Education)/Professor Gavin Brown (Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Education)
Keynote 09:45-10:30 A Blueprint for Teaching Excellence - Professor Ruth Pickford (Director of Learning and Teaching at Leeds Beckett University)
Coffee 10:30-11:00  
Parallel 1 -
Chair: Ceri Coulby
11:00-12:30 Workshop: Where is the tipping point? Tackling the increasing threat of 'contract cheating' and Academic Integrity. (Dr. Francine Watkins and Professor Kristyan Spelman Miller, Ann-Marie Fowles)
Presentation: Students' perception of e-lectures from the undergraduate orthoptics programme. (Elizabeth Lomas and Kerry Hanna)
Presentation: Using clinical scenarios to improve communication skills, synthesize knowledge, and develop clinical judgement in treatment planning. (James Hyde and Antonia Watson)
Presentation: Exploration of an undergraduate clinical placement e-portfolio. (Louise Allen and Jo Adeoye)
Parallel 2 -
Chair: Scott Farrow
Workshop: Making a large group feel small. (Laura Soulsby and Warren Donnellan, Louise Roper, Kate Bennett)
Presentation: Flipped classroom simulation to improve student self-efficacy in pre-clinical operative dentistry. (Claire Newey and Jonathan Marsden)
Presentation: Flipped teaching and video essays in module delivery and assessment. (Clive Newton)
Presentation: Enhancing the engagement of large cohort of students by live interactive polling and feedback. (Naser Sedghi and Waleed Al-Nuaimy, Ian Sandall, Maria Limniou, Denis Duret, Ali Al Ataby)
Parallel 3 -
Chair: Tunde Varga-Atkins
Workshop: Digital Storytelling for Everyone. (Dr. Monica Chavez)
Presentation: VITAL Importance: The MOT service and copyright compliance. (Adam Robinson)
Presentation: Use of devices in a lecture theatre, student behaviours and learning variables: An interdisciplinary study. (Maria Limniou and Denis Duret, Caroline Hands, Dr. Robert Treharne)
Parallel 4 -
Chair: Joanna Cheetham
Workshop: Globalising and Diversifying Curricula. (Deana Heath and Diana Jeater)
Presentation: Towards a case (problem)-based learning in Chemistry curriculum: making first steps. (Konstantin Luzyanin)
Presentation: Language Stories in Liverpool: Engaging with Transnational Research Through a Multilingual and Multimedia Activity. (Barbara Spadaro and Ana Reimao, Rosalba Biasini)
Presentation: Providing Library support and teaching for online students in the context of Internet Control. (Dr. Paul Catherall)
Parallel 5 -
Chair: Sue Bolt/Eli Saetnan
Presentation: Got the picture? An exploration of the expectations of postgraduate students. (Catherine Gordon and Catherine Fletcher)
Presentation: Connecting with the post-graduate community through student-staff co-delivery on webinars. (Shirley Cooper)
Presentation: Badging the ULMS Graduate: Recognition of Employability Skills through Digital Badging at the University of Liverpool Management School. (Claire Mallanaphy and Will Moindrot, Chris Barlow)
Presentation: Sketching Out a Creative and Multidisciplinary Learning Experience. (Lucretia Ray and Adam Mannis, Michael Bather)
Lunch 12:30-13:30  
Parallel 1 -
Chair: Ceri Coulby

Presentation: Student-led employability activities. (Graham Schleyer)
Workshop: Online Diversity and Equality Training for Students:  A student-centred collaborative venture with the Centre for Educational Development and Support (CEDS). (Dr. Vicky Fallon and Jasmine Warren)
Presentation: Enhancing Feedback: Perceptions of Feedback in Music Students. (Dr. Marion Leonard and Emma-Jayne Reekie)
Presentation: Students build their own reading lists: an experiment in digital fluency. (Carole Rhodes) 

Parallel 2 -
Chair: Scott Farrow
Workshop: Embedding authentic Careers and Employability activities into the Chemistry curriculum: An Assessment Centre. (James Gaynor and Iwan Williams, Alexis Nolan-Webster)
Presentation: Simulating a Simulation: Using a pilot module for the optimisation of student learning. (Dr. Peter Wilkins and Dr. Lisa Day, Cheryl Dunleavy, Dr. Rory McLaughlin)
Presentation: Building students' confidence through active learning and authentic assessment practices. (Fotios Misopoulos and Will Moindrot, Matthew Tickle)
Presentation: Learning together with Writing@Liverpool: A case study of mutual student development. (Thomas Davis and Julie Mccoll, Kris Spelman Miller)

Parallel 3 -
Chair: Ben McGrae

Workshop: The SAMR framework. Evaluating the Impact of Technology use on the Teaching and learning Experience. (Paul Dickinson)
Presentation: Improving student experience and reducing staff workloads using highly specialised web applications. (Dr. Robert Treharne)
Presentation: Design of revision contents using SCORM authoring tools. (Naser Sedghi and Ian Sandall)
Parallel 4 -
Chair: Joanna Cheetham
Workshop: Professional Transitions - Moving theory to practice with PG Professional Learning approaches. (Dr. Denise Preece and Jennifer Johnson)
Presentation: A Visit to the Walker: Language Learning and the Visual Arts. (Ana Bela Almeida)
Presentation: The Heritage Project: Speaking Skills and Project-based Learning for International Students. (Dr. Monica Chavez and Tracey Blakeman)

Alistair Pilkington Awards –
Chair: Simon Thomson/Sue Bolt/Eli Saetnan

Presentation: Creating researchers of the future: developing and using research standard tools in teaching, coupled with novel methods of delivery (Team Lead James Lea, S&E)
Presentation: De-colonising the canon, pedagogy and the challenges of innovation (Team Lead Gemma Bird, HSS)
Presentation: Clinical Radiotherapy Skills Training Through Use of an Integrated simulated Placement (Stimulation through Simulation) (Team Lead Pete Bridge and Team Radiotherapy, HLS)
Presentation: Personalised learning and coaching to improve student self-efficacy and confidence in pre-clinical operative dentistry (Team Lead Kathryn Fox and Team Dentistry, HLS)
Coffee 15:00-15:15  
Student Partnership Panel -
Chair: Simon Thomson and Close

In 2014 the Higher Education Academy (now Advance HE) published a detailed guide titled “Engagement through partnership: students as partners in learning and teaching in higher education”.

This student panel will be discussing the role of “students as partners” in the context of the University of Liverpool, drawing upon their own experiences of working with colleagues across the University and also providing insights into ways in which students might be more active participants in curriculum design and delivery.