CDSS scientists describe CLL-specific spectral library

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Dr Roz Jenkins is a Research Fellow at the University of Liverpool Institute of Systems, Molecular and Integrative Biology, and Lab Manager of the MRC Centre for Drug Safety Science Bioanalytical Facility. Roz has expertise across a broad range of technologies including electron microscopy, molecular biology and proteomics, her main focus being the application of mass spectrometry (MS) to the elucidation of biological mechanisms of disease and adverse drug reactions.

Dr Jenkins recently collaborated on a study investigating the pathophysiology of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) at the proteome level. Analysis was performed on 6 CLL samples, incorporating biological (IGHV mutational status), sample preparation and MS technical replicates.

Quantitative information was obtained for 5169 proteins across 54 SWATH-MS acquisitions: the sources of variation and different computational approaches for batch correction were assessed. Functional enrichment analysis of proteins associated with IGHV mutational status showed significant overlap with previous studies based on gene expression profiling. Finally, an approach to perform statistical power analysis in proteomics studies was implemented.

This study provides a valuable resource for researchers working on the proteomics of CLL. It also establishes a sound framework for the design of sufficiently powered clinical proteomics studies. Indeed, this study shows that it is possible to derive biologically plausible hypotheses from a relatively small dataset.


This work is now published in Scientific Reports, a Nature Portfolio publication.

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