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FUTURE Initiative

The FUTURE Initiative is an innovative project aimed at improving the benefit-risk profile of medicines through precision dosing and refining the drug development process to produce medicines that are effective and minimise the risk of dose-limiting toxicity.

The project allows for rapid recruitment of genotyped healthy volunteers for studies that assist in improving drug efficacy and safety and it can also be used for any volunteer study that requires defined genotypes. Our novel approach uses Illumina genome-wide array technology to genotype DNA from blood samples taken from over 3,000 healthy volunteers and a separate cohort of patients (renal impairment and hepatic insufficiency) for 850,000 polymorphisms.

We can interrogate our volunteer database to obtain a cohort of consented volunteers with a particular genotype who are available to take part in clinical trials and experimental medicine studies. Using volunteers with a known genotype enables an earlier understanding of the impact of any polymorphisms in drug metabolising enzymes and drug transporter genes on the pharmacokinetics and dosing requirements of developmental medicines. We can also identify individuals with variants in pharmacodynamic genes to gain a deeper understanding of on-target and off-target drug effects.

While our primary focus is to support the development and acceleration of genotype guided drug metabolism and transporter studies, the volunteer database also provides utility for experimental medicine studies that require defined genotypes.

If you are involved in the design, operation and commissioning of clinical studies and feel you could benefit from engaging with the FUTURE Initiative, please get in touch to discuss opportunities for collaboration.

There are many benefits of engaging with us:

  • Cost and time-efficient way to undertake early phase studies in volunteers and patients as part of the drug development process
  • Access to a large, secure, up-to-date database of over 3,000 volunteers genotyped for polymorphisms in drug metabolising and transporter genes, including an increasing number with associated medical history (renal impairment and hepatic insufficiency)
  • Close liaison with the experienced FUTURE Initiative team for managed access to volunteer details
  • Access to world-leading experts in pharmacogenomics and precision medicine to advise on study design
  • Access to an MHRA-accredited Clinical Research Unit at the Royal Liverpool Hospital for study implementation.

Download further details about the FUTURE Initiative

The MRC CDSS held a workshop on genotype-guided clinical trials and the FUTURE Initiative, you can watch some of the presentations below.

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