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Finding a part-time job

A part-time job is a great way to earn extra money, develop your skills and boost your CV. Here are some tips on how to manage working alongside your studies.

Why work part-time?

Working a part-time job alongside your studies shows prospective employers that you can manage your time successfully. It also shows your ability to be responsible, to adapt to a professional working environment and to learn new skills which could be transferable. Plus you’ll get to meet new people and might even make new friends.

Hear from our Career Coach George for some tips: 

Balancing study and work

Finding the right balance between your studies and your part-time work is key. Don’t rush into a job too quickly if you have any doubts about how you will manage your time. Remember, you are at university to get a good degree and this should be your priority.

What to consider before applying for jobs

Before you apply:

  • Work out how much time you can commit. We’d recommend you work no more than 15 hours a week. Remember – once you give your word to an employer, it’s hard to go back.
  • Make sure that your working hours don’t clash with lectures and that you have enough time to complete your assignments and exam revision when necessary
  • Leave yourself enough time to socialise, eat properly and get a good night’s sleep
  • Be time-wise and learn how to manage your time effectively
  • Get organised. Plan ahead and develop a calendar to remind yourself of your deadlines and exam dates. This means you’ll be aware of any important upcoming dates for University and within your personal life so you can swap shifts and adjust your rota if necessary with your employer.
  • Sign up with a reputable recruitment agency. Agencies find staff for employers and offer a wide variety of roles, not just temporary or non-graduate level work. Reputable agencies should be registered with the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC).

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