Gaining experience while studying

Many students undertake internships and industrial placements or work to earn extra money while they study. Our Student Career Coaches can help you find the right job.

Find a part-time job A student working in a shop

Find a part-time job

A part-time job is a great way to earn extra money, develop your skills and boost your CV. Click here for tips on how to manage to work alongside your studies.

Internships A student on an internship working in an office


An internship can give you much needed practical experience, plus you can see if an organisation or role is right for you.​ Click here for more information.

Find an industry placement A graduate working for the oil industry

Find a placement

Completing a placement is a fantastic way of building up your skills and experience of working in a specific industry or sector. ​Click here for more information.

Volunteering A student volunteering with young children


Volunteering is a great way to develop skills, get experience, meet new people and help others. Click here for more information.