Inspired Futures

Introducing Inspired Futures

Inspired Futures offers you a chance to hear from a range of interesting speakers as they share their career story and provide you with everything you need to know about their roles, how the pandemic has impacted it, and of course, how you can prepare yourself to access this sector and be successful.

Every journey starts with a single step. Be ambitious. Be creative. Be inspired.

The Future Thief: Jill Hawkins

The Future Thief

Jill Hawkins is a sociologist and trend forecaster who talks about her career so far, and what the future of work could look like!

Inspired Futures - Podcasts


The Inspired Futures podcasts featuring inspirational speakers will give you an insight into a selection of industries and job roles.

Inspired Futures - Panel Events

Panel Events

Panel events with current University of Liverpool students and recent graduates sharing their experiences and offering advice.

Featured Event: The Future Thief

The Future Thief: Jill Hawkins is a trend sociologist and futurist. Hear Jill’s fascinating story, and find out what the future of work could look like!