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Work with us to share your real-world experiences, inspire students, and support our campus ecosystem of embedded employability.

The Employer Connections Team is committed to facilitating real-world opportunities for all of our students throughout their journey with us.

Through a combination of employer-led activity embedded in the curriculum as well as central multi-disciplinary opportunities, we can ensure that all students are exposed to our industry connections and have the opportunity to develop, practice, and articulate the skills that we know graduate employers demand. 

To do this, we play a key role in supporting academic departments with curriculum design and development and employers are central to this to ensure our degree programmes remain relevant to the world of work.  


Real-World Projects 

We utilise our employer partnerships to provide real-world opportunities for students to engage with employers directly in taught modules.    

From an employer’s perspective, opportunities of this kind offer significant benefits. This is is a more targeted and relatively light-touch approach to student engagement, enabling employers to raise their profile and maintain their brand. It also provides exposure to a talent pool of highly motivated students who may not ordinarily attend employers’ individual campus events.

The added benefit of setting up a real-world project is that it provides an extra highly-motivated resource dedicated to developing innovative solutions to real-business issues. Read more here.


Skills Enhancement Programme - June 2021

In autumn 2021 we launched our Skills Enhancement Programme in consultation with academic colleagues across our three faculties, to provide alternative real-world experiences for our students who were unable to complete summer internships or placements last summer as a result of the pandemic. The project aimed to provide students with an opportunity to work collaboratively across multiple disciplines on real-world projects & challenges set by employers, over a 6 week period. Employers and students participating benefited massively – find out more here.

Following its success, we will be running this programme again in June 2021 for this year’s cohort of students who have been unable to secure summer internships or year in industry opportunities and we are currently sourcing projects from businesses who would like to get involved.

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