George- I completed the 10 Day Handshake Challenge

Posted on: 5 June 2020 by George, second year BSc Psychology student and Career Coach at the University of Liverpool in Hints, tips and advice

After completing the Ten Day Handshake Challenge, I am already seeing the benefits of using Handshake!

The challenge has helped give me a solid foundation to really get the most out of my profile. Setting up my profile was simple, all I needed was my University of Liverpool MWS details and password ( and my MWS password). Handshake then asked for my preferences, in order to tailor my experience on the platform. Then I simply followed the Ten Day Handshake Challenge!

Login page for Handshake

Handshake’s functionality makes really easy to navigate and add the necessary details for my profile. Handshake has a function where you upload your CV, so not only can employers see your CV, but it can also fill in details automatically on your profile, so that you do not have to re-write loads of information. All you then have to do is fill in the blanks! Having implemented these steps, recruiters are already getting in contact with me, offering details on upcoming events (such as webinars). This helps to build relationships with potential employers and builds familiarity, so that I can get to know the organisations.

A student's profile on Handshake

It is also important that when employers contact you that they can see you have a picture, ideally a professional headshot with a neutral background. A nice, friendly picture will make you seem more approachable, and helps if you have spoken to an employer at an event who is now looking for your profile on Handshake!

Handshake also allows me to follow organisations, to keep me informed about their recent activities and more! This will help guide me when it comes to looking for potential suitable employers, as I will have a better understanding of the organisations and what they are all about. The employers I have followed so far included the likes of Frontline, and Think Ahead, two organisations within the social care sector. I have followed these as this is a sector I am interested in and see it as a potential career route.

Student's view of vacancies on Handshake

The introduction of Handshake is really exciting, especially as I am entering third year. I feel much more confident when searching for graduate jobs by using Handshake. I’m so glad I get to benefit from this platform, and will certainly be getting the most out of it!

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