University launches new partnership with the UK’s largest social change programme

Posted on: 9 December 2020 in News

Careers & Employability are proud to announce a new partnership with the UK’s largest and most powerful social change programmes – Transform Society.

The exclusive partnership aims to address the need for increased diversity in graduate recruitment for the areas of social care, social justice in education, mental health, policing, and the prison service.

Transform Society members were introduced to 100 University of Liverpool students in October at a virtual careers event, with a panel including some of the most prestigious public sector recruiters in the UK (Frontline, Police Now, Teach First, Think Ahead & Unlocked).

James Darley, CEO of Transform Society praised students saying ‘I was pleased to see so many University of Liverpool students at the event, and excited to inspire them towards a career in public service.’

Together, the Careers & Employability team and Transform Society will work to recruit up to 3,000 graduates nationally in 2021, with 350 opportunities based in the North West.

From January 2021, students will have access to bespoke events and initiatives designed not only to inspire public sector leadership, but to provide inside information into what employers look for in future leaders. The main objective of the partnership is to build confidence and the skills to enable students to apply successfully and to drive social change.

Emma Moore, Director of Careers & Employability said ‘This partnership addresses a really important national need. Our relationship with Transform Society is opening up opportunities and giving us insight into the parts of recruitment processes that applicants struggle most with. Demand for public sector roles is high amongst University of Liverpool student and graduates, and the support we are now able to offer through this new partnership is set to empower those who want to apply to perform well and join one of the UK’s leading public sector employers’.

The Careers & Employability team will be working with the Transform alliance to develop real world projects utilising public sector data and case studies to be used by academics within modules to showcase the range of skills the sector needs and to provide perspective on some of the roles available.

Another key objective will be the development of targeted initiatives to address the performance of University of Liverpool students in alliance member recruitment processes. Support to address the most challenging elements of application processes will be provided, as will a set of bespoke initiatives for students from priority APP groups.

Further details about the Transform Society graduate leadership development programmes and their members can be found here.

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