The skills Tutoring has helped me to develop

Posted on: 7 October 2020 in Case studies

I am an undergraduate at the University of Liverpool studying towards my Anatomy and Human Biology degree, and I also I work as an Advanced Tutor for the Tutor Trust.

As a highly driven, enthusiastic and friendly person who loves to keep busy I opted to join the Tutor Trust charity to help fulfil the mission of ‘transforming through tutoring’, as well as to develop a variety of skills and gain tutoring experience.

Although teaching is not my first-choice career, I knew developing and testing my confidence, communication and organisation skills would look great on my CV. I work with students ranging from the ages of 10 to 16 to encourage them to learn and gain academic confidence. I listen to them when they are struggling and have learnt to maintain patience and positivity at all times. These are all transferable skills for any career path. My hard work was recognised by the Tutor Trust and now I am a Brand Ambassador, which develops my other skills in digital media, advertising and communications – again, I am gaining more transferable skills. 

The Tutor Trust offers flexible hours which are crucial for my manic student life and allows me to opt for fewer hours when I have an especially busy term coming up. All work is during school hours so I can still participate in my sports and social activities in the evenings while enjoying the extra monthly income.

I like to see myself as a selfless, friendly and approachable person that is happy to help as many people as possible. I find working for the Tutor Trust immensely rewarding as the charity focusses on helping and supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to inspire them to academically reach their full potential. As a science student myself I like to believe I inspire the students I teach and can hope every lesson I deliver is making a positive difference. 

For any student looking for a part time job, I highly recommend working for the Tutor Trust. You can apply here

You can learn more about Tutor Trust in a Foundation Week module here. 


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