Standing out to employers

Developing commercial awareness and key transferable skills alongside your degree studies will help you impress potential employers.

Studying at the University of Liverpool is your gateway to an exciting professional career, but you’ll need more than a just good degree if you want to succeed after graduation. You also need to develop the skills, experiences and attributes that employers really value.

Hear from our Career Coach Grace for some tips on how to maximise your degree and showcase your employability

Transferable skills

These are a set of skills that don’t belong to a particular sector, industry or job. You can develop these skills through your studies, hobbies, voluntary and paid work experience, placement and internships, and you probably already have more than you realise.

It is important that you emphasise your transferable skills throughout the application process and during your interview. Even if you have very little direct work experience, building a strong CV around your transferable skills will strengthen your chances of success.

Transferable skills include:

  • Business strategy
  • Leadership and team management
  • Problem solving
  • Teamwork and collaborative working
  • Data analysis
  • IT skills
  • Communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Time management
  • Work ethic
  • Commercial awareness
  • Listening and providing feedback

Hear from our Career Coach Grace for some tips on how to promote these skills

Commercial awareness

To compete in just about any sector of the graduate job market, you will need to show your commercial awareness at interviews and assessment centres.

Commercial awareness is about being able to demonstrate your knowledge about the organisation you are applying to and the environment in which it operates. This includes understanding the sector, its regulators, its competitors and current issues facing the industry. You can do this research easily online but the effort you put in will be well received by employers. Just remember, commercial awareness of one industry or one specific organisation doesn't necessarily apply to another one - so don't skimp on the research.

Commercial awareness is important because it shows that you can:

  • Contribute to an organisation’s goals by recognising, using and creating opportunities
  • Demonstrate an understanding of what's happening in the sector
  • Understand how workplaces and organisations are structured
  • Understand the nature/requirements of a job
  • Display an appropriate level of financial awareness
  • Identify, implement and monitor idea development
  • Interpret data presented in a numerical or graphical format.


Understanding different markets

Exploring trends in the job market can help you see where the opportunities might be and what skills and experiences you need to gain. Whether you are looking to enter a competitive job area or want to make choices based on the latest trends, information like this can support you to make realistic and informed career decisions.

Graduate labour market information (LMI) is really useful as it will give you a picture of what the current economic and employment situation for recent graduates looks like. Plus it is an excellent way to develop your commercial awareness. Many applicants are unsuccessful because they know little about their target company or sector.

You can get advice on how to research different sectors and organisations in the Career Studio.

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