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A recipe calculator for thermodynamically correct buffers for pH control






This web site is purely designed for the calculation of thermodynamically correct recipes for the control of pH in aqueous biological systems. There's a little bit of a tutorial, and some background here too. We all use buffers for pH control, and I worry that in these days of protocols and recipes, we're losing the ability to appreciate what we do when we set up a buffer system. "When ahh woor a lad, we used t'ave t'design oor buffer from first principles"




The reason why..

You might be surprised to find yourself here. The older, UMIST site is on a legacy server that is soon to be decommissioned, since UMIST no longer exists, following the merger with the Victoria University of Manchester. Also, it's been five years since I moved from UMIST to the University of Liverpool, and it's about time the site followed me! Please make a note of the new address: www.liv.ac.uk/buffers which will bring you to this page. You should also know that this is the ONLY site I maintain and update - any local implementations may not be as up to date.




What is the purpose of this site?

The main purpose of the site is to give access to the software written for the design of thermodynamically corrected buffers. The software, accessed from the "About" menu:


Provides a recipe for a range of monoprotic buffers used in biological systems

Make corrections for the temperature at which the buffer will be used

Make Debye-Huckel corrections for the effect of ionic strength on pKa

Describe two ways (titration or by accurate weight) for preparation of the recipe




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Although I have taken every effort to make this software correct, you take full responsibility for the use of the buffers designed using these recipes

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