Black History Month event recordings

If you missed out on joining our events live, catch up with the recordings below.

'Reconnecting & Reframing: Through the Lens of an Activist Museum with Dr Richard Benjamin

A photograph of Dr Richard Benjamin smiling.

Richard heads the International Slavery Museum at National Museums Liverpool. He is the Co-Director of the Centre for the Study of International Slavery and is currently on secondment as Visiting Professor in Slavery and Public Engagement in the School of Histories, Languages and Cultures at the University of Liverpool.

This event discussed, what role do museums, libraries, galleries and archives, play in realigning and reflecting society in a time of unrest and questioning? Can they enable social justice and enhance social cohesion? Can implementing diverse, inclusive and constructive narratives make society (and themselves) more conducive to positive change? Museums, libraries, galleries and archives, should be platforms for dialogue (and portals for action) on issues from the legacies of slavery to decolonial practices. And they must strive to revolutionize their thinking and doing. Collection practices, displays and stories should reflect the here and now; and hasten ownership and power-sharing with their publics and communities. 
Richard discussed his journey from Edge Hill College, where he studied Community and Race Relations, to his work in Widening Participation at the University of Liverpool, and his experience as head of the International Slavery Museum. A museum that positions itself as an activist museum, engaged in activities designed to not only challenge but reframe an understanding of racism, discrimination, and accepted convenient and dominant narratives.

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Disrupting racism in higher education with Dr Jason Arday

Dr Jason Arday is an Associate Professor in Sociology at Durham University in the Department of Sociology and the Deputy Executive Dean for People and Culture in the Faculty of Social Science and Health.

Higher education is currently in a state of turbulence, as we begin to disrupt the systemic nature of racism throughout the sector. This talk focuses on the advancements we have collectively made over the last year in the response to the global wave of support for the BLM movement. Considerations will explore how we can continue to shift the dial moving forward as we continue to advance race equality within the sector and beyond.

This talk was facilitated by Alison Fernandes and Lydia Redican


  • Introduction: 01:24- 02:55
  • Lecture: 02:56- 28:10
  • Q&A: 29:30- end

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