Funding opportunities for postgraduate research students

Wherever possible we build funding for studentships into our research proposals and have a thriving postgraduate population as a result. 

There are also other ways of funding your studies here, such as:- 

  • AHRC Funding: NWDTP & NWCDTP
  • School of The Arts postgraduate bursaries and scholarships
  • Paid teaching and other work
  • Annual awards for best progress
  • Scholarship and fee waiver scheme
  • Work as a student residential advisor in return for discounted accommodation

Help with funding your programme

Scholarships, bursaries and annual awards are available from the School and University. These are generally awarded on a competitive basis. 

Funding opportunities exist for postgraduate, undergraduate and postgraduate research students. 

University funding for students 

Please follow the link below for details:- 

Undergraduate students 

Postgraduate students 

International students 

School of The Arts funding for students 

Please follow these links for details:-