Chris Jones

My research combines two main areas, linked to the study, analysis, and acquisition of spoken language, mainly applied to English as a second language. I undertake this by working within the domains of corpus linguistics and Instructed Second Language Acquisition (ISLA). I am currently working (with co-I Ulrike Bavendiek) on a British Academy funded projected entitled ‘Learner conversations as models of spoken language in second language German’, which aims to understand the kinds of conversations learners of German wish to have, and then use corpus analysis to develop materials based on those conversations. I also worked as co-I (with PI David Oakey and co-I Kay O’Halloran) on a project entitled ‘COVID-19: Phraseology, imagery, and perceptions of public health messages by speakers of English as an additional language’, a multimodal corpus analysis of COVID-19 public health tweets, followed by focus groups discussion of the most frequent language/images by speakers of English as an additional language.