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The Language, Data and Society Research Centre hosts major academic conferences in key areas of expertise, and organises a wide range of events across our research networks and with internal collaborators.

LANDS Symposium: “GenAI, Language, and Society”
Thu 16th May 2024 9:00AM, University of Liverpool

Generative AI is having a significant impact on language and communication practices across all domains. From education to business and journalism, the use of large language model tools to generate texts (such as GPT or Gemini) is creating opportunities and risks at societal level. Through this one-day meeting, LANDS would like to explore and discuss current issues and challenges regarding the uses of Generative AI in contexts of linguistic production, their academic study and their professional implications.

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Risk and Trust Seminar Series

The Linguistics and Language Knowledge in Education (LKALE) 2022 SIG Event is organised by LANDS Centre members. Come and join us (on-line) on April 29th and 30th 2022

European Conference on Argumentation (ECA) 2022

Risk and Trust Research Seminars

Matteo Fuoli (University of Birmingham): “Can words restore trust? A linguistic approach to organizational trust repair” (19th May 2022)

Genevieve Liveley (University of Bristol): “Analogy and the Art of Cyber Security” (9th June 2022)

Trust in News Workshop (23rd June 2022)

Plenary speakers: Prof. Giovanni Riotta (Princeton University) and Prof. Simeon Yates (Liverpool University)