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Global Opportunities Stories

Read interviews with some of our Study Abroad students:

Lily Henry de Villeneuve Lily Henry

Lily Henry de Villeneuve (Netherlands)

Read Lily's story

Anna Townley Washington by Anna Townley

Anna Townley, Washington State University (USA)

Read Anna's story

Tudor Llie Berlin by Tudor Llie

Tudor Ilie, Hochschule Anhalt (Germany)

Read Tudor's story

Emma Hobson-White Emma Hobson-White

Emma Hobson-White, Architecture with a Semester in China and a Semester in Industry

Precious Olaniyi, BA English with Business spent a Summer Abroad in Germany Precious Study Abroad

Precious Olaniyi, BA English with Business- Summer Abroad in Germany

Yumi Li-Vi Yumi Study Abroad

Yumi Li-Vi, BA Communication and Media with Sociology- Semester Abroad in Australia

Zuzanna Czopik  Zuzanna Study Abroad

Zuzanna Czopik, BA Communication and Media- Semester Abroad in Amsterdam

Why Study Abroad?

Find out if Study Abroad is right for you!

The School of the Arts encourages its students to enhance their employability, self-development, creativity and thirst for knowledge by going abroad during their degree programme.

SOTA believes in the importance of experiencing new cultures, languages and ways of living so that our students are prepared to become creative leaders of the future.

The benefits of going abroad are easily explained using this simple sum:

International Academic Knowledge + Soft Skills = Global Citizen

Having the chance to study in another country enhances your academic knowledge of your degree programme- whether it be innovative building designs, media production and consumption or musical styles. Outside of the lecture theatre, you will be able to develop the soft skills that graduate employers yearn for- gaining independence through travelling and adapting to a new way of life to name but two.

Interestingly, SOTA students who go abroad are 17% more likely to be in highly skilled employment or further study and 26% more likely to be in professional employment.

SOTA offers students three opportunities to gain an international experience throughout their degree programme. Students have the opportunity to complete a semester abroad, a year at UoL’ s sister university XJTLU in Suzhou, China or attend a summer programme at a partner university.

Semester Abroad

Do you want to study for a semester at world-leading institution that teaches modules related your degree programme? All of the modules you study abroad will be transferred and count towards your UoL degree. Additionally, you will be able to not only travel and meet new people but gain a deeper understanding and different perspective on your chosen subject area.  


Second Year Only  

(Fifth Year for MArch students) 

Tuition Fee 

£9,000 as you will study at UoL for the other semester.  


All successful applicants will be eligible for means-tested funding.  

Academic Criteria 

A minimum of 60% in your first year/ fourth year if MArch student.  

Partner Universities 

Use the Study Abroad Search Tool to find out where you can study.  


Year in China

Do you want to have a unique study experience at the University of Liverpool’s partner university campus Xi’an Jiatong-Liverpool University (XJTLU) in Suzhou, China? The ‘Year in China’ programme is an elective year abroad where you are able to learn about Chinese history, culture, politics and Mandarin by studying courses from the BA China Studies programme. The ‘Year in China’ adds one year to your three year or four year degree programme and you will graduate with a degree title ending in ‘with a Year in China’.  




  • In between your second & third year 
  • After your third year  
  • As a fifth year, if you are studying ‘with a Year in Industry’.  

Tuition Fee 



All successful applicants will be eligible for means-tested funding.  

Academic Criteria 

A minimum of 40% in the year of study that precedes the ‘Year in China’.   

Partner Universities 

XJTLU, China 


Summer Abroad

Are you interested in gaining international experience without being away for a full semester or academic year? The University of Liverpool has different summer abroad programmes each academic year that range from two-weeks to six-weeks and provide students with an academic & cultural study abroad experience that is not credit-bearing. Previous Summer Abroad opportunities have taken place in Australia, the USA and throughout Europe!  


The summer after your first or second year at UoL (usually programmes take place between June-August).  

Tuition Fee 

If you are offered a tuition-free place you will only need to pay for flights, accommodation and day-to-day expenses.  


All successful applicants will be eligible for means-tested funding. 

Academic Criteria 


Partner Universities 

Use the Study Abroad Search Tool to find out where you can study. 

Lily Henry de Villeneuve

I've only been in Amsterdam for two months, but I have already made amazing memories and great friends. It's going to be hard saying goodbye but the experience will definitely have been worth it.

Lily, Communication and Media, University of Amsterdam

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Georgia at Carleton University

Studying abroad has taught me how to be truly independent, helped me to make friends and connections from all over the world, and inspired me to think big when it comes to my future after university.

- Georgia O’Keeffe (English Literature) Semester in Carleton University in Canada