LSA Winter School

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Date: 25th, 26th and 27th January 2023

As an event the goal of the Winter School is to epitomise the inclusive character of the School, harnessing and celebrating the enormous creative energy of everyone who makes it the place it is.  

The LSA Winter School has been running for many years. In all its forms the principle has always been simple.  Over a short and intense period of only a few days students from all years are invited to work together to explore new ideas and processes, working with a number of creatives in ways that are both unfamiliar and exciting.  In so doing, new productive connections are made that often last far longer than might be expected. Revelations and epiphanies take place that may reveal and crystalize the thoughts and agendas of everyone involved. Finally, sitting between the pressure of Semester One and the start of Semester Two, the Winter School is just the refreshing and energising event to revitalise and rejuvenate each and every participant for the projects that lie ahead.

This year, the event is planned to take place 25th, 26th and 27th January 2023.

We are speaking to a range of practitioners and creatives, all broadly operating within the field of architecture but each with radically different processes and agendas. Currently topics being explored are equality and inclusive practice, environmental architectural design, creative model making, imaginary landscapes explored through drawing, working with architectural practices and the Liverpool Biennial for 2023.

This web page is only the first iteration, and it will be updated with more material and detail as we go through the term.

The Winter School is a collaborative event and is keen to highlight and showcase the talents and interests of the students who participate. In the past this has taken the forms of photography, film making, music production and web design. If you would like to explore this further then please contact Ben Devereau on