Student Profile: Kuda Mushangi

Why did you choose to study your chosen course at the University of Liverpool?

Having studied my undergraduate degree here, I was eager to return after seeing the incredible improvements Liverpool School of Architecture had made to their facilities and the changes to the general course structure whilst I was away on my year-out placement in practice. The ambition the school of architecture has is unmatched by any other in the U.K – and it shows.

How has University been different from A-levels?

The main difference for me is simple – it is important to have a genuine interest in your chosen course as you will not be pushed to work the way you were with A-levels. There is a lot more work needed to be done independently, and without that eagerness to learn around your chosen subject your degree will become difficult.

What has surprised you most about Liverpool?

My favourite thing is that new things are always coming to the city; from world-renowned artists exhibiting their work at some of the best galleries in the world to the incredibly popular restaurants on Bold Street. With the fantastic nightlife, the city is perfect for both students and professionals.

Rapid fire questions for Kuda Mushangi

How has your learning been facilitated since coming to Liverpool?

I have a really good relationship with my tutors, which motivates me to do better in all my modules. Though you need to be independent at university, having a great relationship with one or two tutors really helps when things become difficult or stressful! Also, the 24-hour access in to the school and the guaranteed working space in the building for every student in Architecture is a massive factor.

What extra-or co-curricular activities do you take part in, and how do these affect your student experience?

I have my own radio show under the university, which has thrown up some great opportunities for me around Liverpool and around the U.K with BBC Radio Merseyside. I am also involved in the art-scene around Liverpool as I am an artist myself, and with Tate Liverpool and the Liverpool Art Society I am never bored when I get some spare time. 

If you could go back, what advice would you have given yourself before going to University?

Use first year to fall in love with your course and read around the subject, this will make things easier as you head in to second and third year. It is also important to embrace yourself in the city as Liverpool has a lot to offer both during the day and at night. It is also worth trying something new – this is the perfect time in your life for it!