The David Inman Fund

The fund, kindly donated by the Sainsbury Trust is in memory of a graduate of the School, David Inman. The award is made to enable students of the School to undertake research in the field of Environmental issues. Eligible costs include necessary travel, accommodation during a study away from Liverpool, and Conference attendance.

Eligible Applicants

Masters and Research Students registered in the School of Architecture may apply to the fund directly to the Head of School and the Board will determine whether an award should be made on the merits of each application individually.


There is no form for the application. The application should be in three parts:

1. Name, degree enrolled for, tutor name and contact details.

2. Case for support (200 words maximum).

3. Costing summary (with evidence where possible).

Please email applications to the Head of School by 20th July 2015.


The Board for the Trust should consist of a minimum of 2 and maximum of 5 Trustees. Current members are as follows:

  • Dr David Carter - University of Liverpool.
  • Prof Steven Sharples - University of Liverpool.
  • Professor André Brown - University of Liverpool.
  • TBC Independent member.


The amount available is not fixed and shall be determined on an annual basis by the Head of the School of Architecture.