Applicant Selection Workshop

Many applicants, particularly those from science-based subjects do not have a portfolio or a body of work to draw from. Others believe that their work is unsuitable to support their application to study architecture or believe that their work to date does not do justice to their abilities. Partly because of this, we have introduced the ‘Applicant Selection Workshops’ as an alternative to the portfolio submission. We believe that this model gives applicants a better understanding of the nature of teaching at Liverpool School of Architecture. This year, we are pleased to be able to offer this on a 'virtual' basis without the need to travel to Liverpool.

The workshops will start with a pack of materials and tasks delivered to applicants. The tasks are designed to sequentially take you through a simple design process and shouldn’t take more than 4 hours to complete, spread over a week. The exercises are intended to bring out the skills and qualities that are required to study the challenging but rewarding programme we teach. On the day of the workshop you will be guided to upload images of this work for later in the day. In the morning there will be a series of online events, starting with a presentation that will tell you all about studying with us at the School of Architecture and the programme you are applying for, followed by a live virtual tour of the School and its facilities and a Q+A with staff and current students. In the afternoon you will each be invited to take part in a small group tutorial where you’ll get to talk about your work, see the work of others and get involved in an informal and supportive chat between everyone in the group.

After the virtual tutorials there will be another opportunity to ask questions. The tutors will then put together some feedback on your work that we’ll send you by email. If you wish to you can then spend a little time developing your design work in response to the feedback, and you’ll be able to submit this in addition to the work submitted on the Workshop day. This is how we teach here – we set tasks for you to explore, we talk of what you’ve discovered and offer feedback so that you can make push your ideas further. We are here to support you, not to trip you up or unsettle you!

As we hope you will see, we love working at the Liverpool School of Architecture, but every School is different as is every applicant, and we want to offer you the objective facts so that you can make the best decision for you. We are always keen to encourage people to join us if they feel that it’s the teaching environment for them, and we welcome questions at any time.

Should you decide that Liverpool might be for you, and then wish to re-join us for one of our Applicant Discovery Days with more questions, we will provide you with information on these in due course.

Our Selection Workshops are by invitation only, following your application and will run between January and March.

Note: due to the physical/postal nature of this workshop we are currently not offering this to applicants outside the UK.  We are looking into ways to widening access to remove this restriction as we think this model will be a useful option to offer to all our applicants.

For a typical itinerary and frequently asked questions please take a look at our Architecture Selection Workshops‌ guide.