Photo of Dr Tuba Kocaturk

Dr Tuba Kocaturk Ph.D

Reader in Digital Architecture Architecture


Research Interest 1

Generative/Computational Design, Augmented/Mixed Reality Applications in Design,Building Information Modelling (BIM), Embedded/Distributed Cognition in Design, Web-Based Socio-Cognitive Models of Design Learning/Teaching, Distributed Intelligence In Design, Emergent Design Strategies/Techniques in Architectural and Urban Design, and Emergent Socio-Technical Systems in Digital Design Practice

Research Grants
  • Reflective and Dynamic use of Wikis to Support Collaborative Design Learning
Research Collaborations

Dr. Tuba Kocaturk, Mr. Martin Simpson (ARUP)

External: ARUP

Funded by The University’s Knowledge Exchange and Impact (KEI) Voucher scheme, the RESILIENT URBAN ECOSYSTEMS (RUE) project aims to address sustainability and urban resilience through the creation of an international network of cross-disciplinary expertise of world-leading partners. With a strong inter-sector focus, the network aims to connect, expand, synthesise and consolidate emerging knowledge across academia and practice.

Dr. Tuba Kocaturk, Prof. Richard Koeck (UoL), Dr. Riccardo Balbo (IED), Prof. Alfred Jacoby (DIA)

External: European Institute of Design (IED) in Turin/Italy and Hochschule Anhalt/DIA Bauhaus in Dessau/Germany

Funded by the UoL Interdisciplinary Networking Funding Scheme, the TRANSDISCIPLINARY DESIGN NETWORK will jointly deliver a series of exploratory seminars/workshops, the first of which will be led by the University of Liverpool. For this event, we are proposing to organise an international symposium at our London campus in which we will be inviting leading figures from the design industries across Europe with a specific focus on UK, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. Researchers, practitioners and innovators from different design disciplines (e.g. architecture, industrial/product design, transportation, fashion design) will share best practice conceptual, theoretical, methodological and translational innovations that move beyond disciplines and explore the emergent discourse of “transdisciplinarity” across these industries.

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