Completed PhDs

Nan Ye

PhD title: The practice of practices: Chinese independent architectural design 1949 onwards

Year of submission: 2022

Zhuozhang Li

PhD title: The Fluid City: A Cinematic Urban Tectonic Study on the (Re)Production of Publicness in Contemporary Hong Kong

Year of Submission: 2021

Wan Iffah Binti Wan Ahmad Nizar

PhD title: Little Streets and Hidden Routes: A Study on Alleys of Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Year of Submission: 2020

Edgar Pina Hernandez

PhD title: to be confirmed

Year of submission: 2019

Aura Istrate

PhD title: Defining Liveability in a Chinese Context: determining the qualities of liveability at the level of residential streets in Shanghai

Year of submission: 2019

Amer Habib Al-Sudani

PhD title: Analyzing the influence of urban morphology on thermal microclimate in a temperate maritime climate

Year of submission: 2018

Duygu Gokce

PhD title: An empirical investigation of the interplay between typo-morphological transformation of historic house form and sense of place

Year of submission: 2017

Lei Sun

PhD title: Public participation in the urban regeneration process: A comparative study between China and the UK

Year of submission: 2015