Sustainable Environments Research Group (SERG)


Some recent publications from SERG include:

Dr Daveed Chow

DHC Chow, M. Kelly, Huiyang Wang, J. Darkwa (2014) The Effects of Future Climate Change on Energy Consumption in Residential Buildings in China and Retrofitting Measures to Counteract Journal of Energy Challenges and Mechanics, 1, Issue 1, Article 1 (

J. Darkwa, Yilin Lin, DHC Chow (2014) Heat Transfer and Air Movement Behaviour in a Double-Skin Façade, Journal of Sustainable Cities and Society, 10, pp. 130-139. DOI: 10.1016/j.scs.2013.07.002

DHC Chow, M Kelly, J Darkwa (2013) The Effects of Future Climate Change on Energy Consumption in Residential Buildings in China, Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, 1, pp. 16-24. DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2013.15003

L Bourikas, Tianfeng Shen, PAB James, DHC Chow, MF Jentsch, J Darkwa, AS Bahaj (2013) Addressing the Challenge of Interpreting Microclimatic Weather Data Collected from Urban Sites Journal of Power and Energy Engineering, Vol. 1, pp. 7-15. DOI: 10.4236/jpee.2013.15002

Dr Rosa Urbano Gutiérrez

Urbano Gutiérrez, R and Ferreira, N (2015) Performative ceramic louvre screens for increasing daylight usage and thermal control in buildings. Advances in Building Energy Research - submitted

Urbano Gutiérrez, R. (2015) Elements of Sustainable Architecture. Lawrence King Publishers, London

Urbano Gutiérrez, R (2013) Le pan de verre scientifique: Le Corbusier and the Saint-Gobain Glass Laboratory experiments (1931-1932). Architectural Research Quarterly, 17 (01). pp. 63-71.

Gutierrez Urbano, R (2012) Pierre, revoir tout le système fenêtres: Le Corbusier and the invention of the Mur Neutralisant (1928-1935), International Journal of the Construction History Society, 27, pp. 107-128. ISSN 0267-7768

Professor Steve Sharples

Sharples S (2015) Climate Change and Building Design, in Mumovic D and Santamouris M (eds.), A Handbook of Sustainable Building Design and Engineering, 2nd ed., Earthscan – to be published 2015

Lavafpour Y and Sharples S (2014) Impact of the envelope geometry on cooling demand in very airtight UK dwellings under current and future weather projections. Energy Procedia, 62C, 421-430

Sharples S and Radhi H (2013) Assessing the technical and economic performance of building integrated photovoltaics and their value to the GCC society. Renewable Energy, 55, 150-159 DOI: 10.1016/j.renene.2012.11.034

Hathway A and Sharples S (2012) The interaction of rivers and urban form in mitigating the urban heat island effect: a UK case study. Building and Environment, 58, 14-22   DOI: 10.1016/j.buildenv.2012.06.013