The Digital Architecture Research Group

Staff Members

Professor André Brown
Prof Arto Kiviniemi

Professor Arto Kiviniemi

Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Research Interests: All Aspects of BIM: Integrated Design and Project Delivery, Lifecycle Information Management, Business Models and Collaborative Processes, Software Technology, Data Exchange and Standards, Shared Models And Model Servers, Analysis and Simulation of, e.g. Energy Consumption, Environmental Impacts, Production Methods, Life Cycle Costs

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Dr Tuba Kocaturk

Dr Tuba Kocaturk

Digital Design and Representation

Research Interests: Generative/Computational Design, Augmented/Mixed Reality Applications in Design,Building Information Modelling (BIM), Embedded/Distributed Cognition in Design, Web-Based Socio-Cognitive Models of Design Learning/Teaching, Distributed Intelligence In Design, Emergent Design Strategies/Techniques in Architectural and Urban Design, and Emergent Socio-Technical Systems in Digital Design Practice.

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Mike Knight
Asterios Agkathidis
Dr Nick Webb