The Digital Architecture Research Group

Current PhD Students

Alejandro Veliz

Supervisors: Tuba Kocaturk, Michael Knight

PhD Title & Overview: Augmented Pedagogies: An assembly of interrelated conceptual descriptions (constructs) describing the impact of AR and on-line communication technologies on architectural education

Mohammad Qabshoqa

Supervisors: Tuba Kocaturk, Arto Kiviniemi

PhD Title & Overview: Re-formulating "value" in architectural practice in respond to "big data" and "internet of things". This approach will take the technological advancement of Big Data and the Internet of Things from a business perspective to identify, capture and deliver extended "values" in architecture

Elaheh Gholami

Supervisors: Arto Kiviniemi, Steve Sharples

PhD Title & Overview: Exploiting BIM in energy efficient domestic retrofit: evaluation of benefits and barriers

Muhammet Tosun

Supervisors: Tuba Kocaturk, Asterios Agkathidi

PhD Title & Overview: Analysis of the evolution of islamic Architecture Patterns using Evolutionary and Algorithmic Design Systems: An analytical investigation of the evolution and generation of "geometric patterns" in Islamic design. The generative logic will be identified as a new pattern language

Sa'id Kori

Supervisors: Arto Kiviniemi, Tuba Kocaturk

PhD Title & Overview: BIM adoption at business level in small and medium architectural practices in emerging markets