The Digital Architecture Research Group

Digital Architecture Research Group

Digital Architecture Research Group focuses on the use of emerging digital technologies in design, construction and maintenance of built environment as well as the impact of these technologies in education, creative processes, collaboration between different professions, virtual prototyping, and production methods. The digitalisation does not affect design and production processes only, but it is also becoming part of the buildings as virtual and real worlds are merging into environment which interacts with its users.

Because buildings are typically unique products and physical prototyping is not financially feasible in the construction industry virtual prototyping is even more important than in manufacturing industries, which adopted the modelling techniques earlier. Building Information Modelling, parametric design and simulation techniques are enabling optimisation of performance and sustainability of the buildings.

The Group consists of individuals whose interests and skills cover different aspects of the wide field of Digital Architecture reaching from human cognition to data standards and creative processes to digital manufacturing. Although the field is relatively new the group members have a long research history and strong international reputation and network in their research areas, which provides excellent opportunities to research partners and PhD candidates who are interested in the future of architectural design.