Waterfront Film Series 2007

A Foundation, The Coach Shed, Greenland Street
Saturday 14 July 2007, 17.00 and Sunday 15 July 2007, 17.00

This unique screening programme in the purpose built cinema at Greenland Street features films of Liverpool from the 1950s to the 1980s based on themes of the Waterfront and Liverpool's Docks - The Magnet (C. Frend, 1950), The Waterfront (M. Anderson, 1950), Letter to Brezhnev (C.Bernard, 1985) and Violent Playground (B. Deardon, 1958). Screenings will be introduced by City in Film researchers Dr Richard Koeck and Dr Les Roberts and there will be an opportunity to discuss the films with the rest of the audience in the relaxed atmosphere of the bar at A Foundation.

This programme is organised in collaboration with TATE Liverpool and A Foundation.

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Image Credit: Les Roberts