"This Too Shall Pass"

Memories and noises from the Waterfront // 53°24’N 2°59’W - Liverpool.

The City as Affective Interface.


By Brian Mackern.

Uruguayan digital artist Brian Mackern was Artist in Residence at the University of Liverpool and FACT in October 2014, as part of the Latin(o) American Digital Art Project.

The result is of Brian’s residency is an original multimedia artwork of approximately 23 minutes, which arose from the intimate connections established with the city of Liverpool throughout his residency.

In this residence art work, Brian reworks the footage obtained through his dérives (a series of unplanned journeys along an urbanscape) in Liverpool. His gathering of information and recording of sound and visual material across the city is then remixed by different parameters (including volume levels, transparencies, zooms, fragmentations, crossfadings, speeds of timelines) controlled by Liverpool’s “socio economic historic curve”of the last century. This curve was loosely obtained through joining historic markups based on readings and conversations with people from the city.

The work itself is structured into seven main sections, each dealing with particular iconic buildings or points in the dérives across the city. These sections are, in order: Liver Birds; Overlapping curve; Twilight tower; Bells; Street signs; Waterfront and Liverpool1.Each of these sections contains a montage sequence of images (both still and moving) and sound files all associated with the city of Liverpool, and drawn from Brian’s dérives around it.

Artist’s biography

Brian Mackern (Uruguay) is a New Media artist, composer, a/v performer and developer of self-generating structures and soundvisual reactive environments. His work is focused mainly on processes, structures and found footage. He explores interface design, alternative browsing, the creation of soundtoys, video-data animations in real time, net art and sound art. He has presented his work and given workshops and lectures on numerous tours in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Germany, Belgium, Korea. His work has been exhibited at major international art festivals, having received numerous institutions recognitions.

This Too Shall Pass was created as part of the Latin(o) American Digital Art project, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

Artist’s webpage: http://netart.org.uy/brian.html