Centre of Architecture and the Visual Arts

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The Centre of Architecture and the Visual Arts (CAVA) provides a place for researchers who are interested in crossing disciplinary boundaries in the pursuit of rigorous research surrounding the creative and visual culture of architecture and cities. Research at CAVA is often methodologically underpinned by the use of techniques and theories that bridge analogue and digital culture. Ultimately, our aim is to provide insight into, and define new ways of thinking about, the representation of and engagement with architectural and urban forms, narratives and practices.

Our strengths lie in the engagement with practice-based research as well as our close relationships with city-based public partners. Key research areas and themes include:

  • film and cinema
  • architectural photography and cartography
  • outdoor advertising and city branding
  • digital and physical space

Our research projects employ a range of methods and techniques including mapping, filming, projecting, 3D animations, augmented reality, data visualisation, GIS/GPS and the constructing of digital databases. Funding sources for recent/current projects include the AHRC, EC-FP7, and the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art. We welcome PhD applications in any area of our expertise.

For more information visit the dedicated CAVA website or contact:

Prof. Richard Koeck

Dr Marco Iuliano