House near Giza: Aly Latib Gabr, c.1930
House near Giza: Aly Latib Gabr, c.1930

How have architectural ideas that were developed and produced in one place been exported to another, and with what consequences?

This is the most basic and fundamental question that this group is concerned with. One specific strand of this group's research is to investigate the architecture and architects connected to colonial enterprises (both directly and indirectly), and in the aftermath of colonialism the architecture of newly emerging nations. How, for example, were European ideas on architecture and planning executed in territories outside of Europe's boundaries, and to what end?

Current research projects include:

An investigation into the Architecture produced by Maxwell Fry and Jane Drew and their works in India, Nigeria and Ghana (amongst other countries).

The Liverpool School of Architecture under the leadership of Charles Reilly, Lionel Budden and Robert Gardner-Medwin; with particular attention on the graduates who worked throughout the British Empire and Dominions.

PhD research projects include:

A study of Model Town in Lahore, Pakistan

Nigerian Architects and the development of Tropical Architecture in Nigeria, 1900-1960.

The group holds regular presentations, seminars and discussions within the school of architecture with the aim of sharing our findings and methods, and revealing areas where research overlaps and networks intertwine.