Professional Studies Advisor

Professional Studies Advisor

At University of Liverpool, we offer all our Part I year-out students the opportunity to apply for a University of Liverpool Professional Studies Advisor (PSA). All post Part II students are encouraged to apply for a RIBANW Professional Studies Advisor. Information about the roles of the PSA can be found here.

Your University of Liverpool PSA will meet with you two or three times over the course of your year(s)-out to sign PEDR log sheets and talk through your experience. If you consider that you are not gaining the right experience in your practice, they may also be able to discuss matters with your Employment Mentor (the person assigned within your practice to oversee your professional experience).

To cover the costs of a PSA, the University of Liverpool will charge a nominal fee of £25 per year. You can apply for a PSA here. Once payment has been received, we will send you a confirmation email and contact details for your PSA.

Please note that subscription to the PEDR website is not included with this service, visit for more details.

We recommend that you apply for a PSA as soon as begin your practice experience and keep your logbook up to date, rather than applying when you need all your logbooks signed.

If you have any questions, please email