BA (Hons) Architecture Graduate Gallery, 2014

BA3 continues to build on the work of earlier years both in and out of Studio - developing and honing student’s skills both to complete their undergraduate studies and to prepare them for a working world and their continuing Architectural education. In addition to challenging studio projects, additional modules include history, technology, environmental science and practice management.

BA3 is an energetic and fast paced year, culminating in a display of drawn/creative evidence to demonstrate that the student is ready to be (fruitfully) employed, or in a position to continue their studies.

In order to benefit from the expertise and specialised interests of our teaching staff we split BA3 into 5 distinct studios, each with their own flavour, methods and design approaches. The students sign-up for a Studio which is composed of 45 other students, a Studio leader and 3 other members of staff, some of whom are practising architects/urban planners.

In semester one projects explore how both materiality and context determine and influence architectural themes. Using the constraints of a limited palette on a given site students investigate both spatial/ architectural properties and qualities and the tectonic potential of materials to create a unique sense of place and environment.

Previous projects (all on local heritage sites) have included a wedding chapel, a gallery, a market place and an urban infill programmed passageway.

Semester two builds on the exercises and methods of the previous semester, looking at a larger scale architectural problem. Each Studio sets their own problems and briefing documents to both test and showcase the students’ ability. The projects culminate in a rich and varied display of thoughtful creativity with a degree show that includes work from all 230 graduating students.

The school takes its relationships with practice seriously and BA3, through invited critics (local national and international) events and talks, continually evolves its network of professional interaction – both as a learning tool for students and as a window/doorway into the profession post-study.

Many of our critics enjoy a productive relationship with the school and BA3 is very much part of this.