BA (Hons) Architecture Graduate Gallery, 2013

In semester one third year was divided into five groups each of which was allocated a material: brick; stone; metal; timber; or concrete.

They were then asked to design a crematorium in Sefton Park Liverpool using only that material. The results were hugely varied with much ingenious building construction. One building was made spaces from curtains of hanging chains, there were several gothic structures and one stone castle. In semester two students were allocated a historic object associated with Edge Lane: Meccano; Bayko; Dinky toys; Hornby trains; the Botanic Gardens; or Littlewoods Pools. They then designed a museum to commemorate it.

There was again a great number of ingenious responses to what was in part celebration of the 150 anniversary of Frank Hornby’s birth. Highlights included a building that was all attics to house collections of railway models, and many rich landscape installations. We made a trip to the Anthony Gormley exhibition at the White Cube and had a lecture on the new Meccano ten times scale bridge at Little Lever from the artist-constructor Liam Curtin. The following images will give some hint at the variety and quality of the work that was delivered this year.

Dr Andrew Crompton