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Welcome to the School of Architecture online gallery archive.

The gallery contains work from previous years graduates of both the BA Architecture and the MArch courses, together with award winning projects from students and the annual All School Project.

The LSA 2020 Year Book

The LSA 2020 Year Book

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Generic LSA Logo 2020

LSA Student Catalogue 2019-20

Visit our catalogue of student work from the 2019-20 semester.

2019-20 LSA Catalogue

Graduation Images

Graduation Photos 2019

Photos and video of the 2019 Graduation

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Studio 2 Milan Link

Studio 2 in Milan

Studio 2 have recently returned from a field trip to Milan.

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Hello Wood Link Gallery

Hello Wood Project Village

Liverpool School of Architecture Lecturer, Johanna Muszbek, has curated the third Hello Wood Project Village in Hungary.

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Centre for the Unknown

Studio 3 in Lisbon

Studio 3's tour of Charles Correa’s Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown...

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Manchester Link

Studio 1 in Manchester

BA3 Studio 1 are reimagining Greater Manchester as a Co-City and designing a Co-City Hall for the new Elected Mayor and the GMCA. 

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Rome Trip

BA2 Rome Field Trip

BA2 students have just returned from Rome, where they toured the city’s numerous works of architecture.

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DJI Drone Hover

A Drones Eye View...

Studio 3's new drone vists Hilbre Island in the Dee Estuary.

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Studio 2 16

BA 3 Studio 2 Exhibition

In February, BA3's Studio 2, lead by Dr Marco Iuliano, organised an exhibition of ongoing work.

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End of Year Show 16

BA (Hons) Architecture

A gallery of work from our 2016 BA (Hons) Architecture graduates.

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VENICE Video Link

Venice Tales and Fellowships

Alice, Nansi and Nathaniel each spent a month working and researching in Venice this summer as part of the 2018 fellowships programme.

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The BA & MA Digital Yearbook 2019
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BA (Hons) Architecture 2015

Click here to view a gallery of work from our 2015 BA (Hons) Architecture graduates.

LSA Degree Show 2014

BA (Hons) Architecture 2014

A gallery of work from the 2014 BA (Hons) Architecture graduates.

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Graduates 2013

BA (Hons) Architecture 2013

A gallery of work from the 2013 BA (Hons) Architecture graduates.

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Graduates 2013

Inverness: Symbiosis

With the advent of green power generation, can we finally return to utilisation at the source? Can we provide the energy from a location next door to its intended user?

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Zeitgeist Archive, Berlin

If methods of representation are always inferior to the original idea itself, can retrospective values ever be recaptured?

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Water supports life in all its many forms, but its power to create is equalled at times by its power to destroy.

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The Meccano Bridge

What happened when Top Gear presenter James May teamed up with the School of Architecture to build a structure using the iconic construction toy Meccano.

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