Architecture FC

Picture of students playing football

The Architecture football team has made huge progress in the past two years, gaining a large cohort of members from all years in the School of Architecture.

Playing & Training

For the 2020/21 season, we have two 11 a side teams, with one competing on a Wednesday in the 1st Division and the second competing on a Sunday in the 3rd division. Furthermore, a 6 a side team has been set up which will take place on Friday evenings. League standings and tables can be found by searching UoL Campus Sport League.

Training sessions run every Thursday in the evening. Both games and training take place at Wyncote Sports Ground, off Mather Avenue.

The Team & Socials

The captain of the Architecture football team is Michael Grabowski; a 3rd year architecture student who manages and plays for the team: 

Training sessions are quite casual and are used more as a tool for people to meet up. Game days are very competitive because who doesn’t love a good win.

Everyone is very welcoming and has a good laugh at the regular socials which take place throughout the season.

If you are interested in joining the club or have any questions, please contact Michael Grabowski or George Mannix who can offer more details.

Club Contacts

Michael Grabowski (Captain)

George Mannix (Assistant Manager)