Professor Mark Collier studying P Mayer


Our research is deeply rooted in:

  • the collection, analysis and interpretation of primary source material
  • the excavation and recording of archaeological sites
  • the study of material remains, eg.
    • inscriptions
    • cursive writing on papyrus and ostraca
    • formal aspects of language use.


Most research is focused on the integration of different types of evidence (i.e. textual, visual and material culture) towards a rounded understanding of the ancient society. Recent research outputs include:

  • primary text publications with literary and linguistic analyses
  • broader literary-critical studies, specifically linguistic studies of the language and its grammar
  • studies on the working of the economy and administration (with particular focus on the place and behaviour of the individual in society)
  • studies on ritual behaviour
  • a major survey of Egyptian technology
  • studies on tomb and temple architecture and decoration.

Museum-based research

Our museum-based research is focused on the University’s own collection in the Garstang Museum, but we also enjoy major research collaborations with other important Egyptian collections in the North West, including Liverpool World Museum and Manchester Museum.