Photo of Mr Jason Hall

Mr Jason Hall B.Sc., P.G.Dip.

Senior Archaeology Technician School of Histories, Languages and Cultures


    Lithic Technology

    Knapping Demonstration
    Knapping Demonstration

    My interest in stone tools has expanded into the field of replication and I have been able to improve my knapping skills while working in the department.

    I run a regular knapping group through which students are able to learn the skills of stone tool manufacture and gain a better understanding of the archaeological material. We are also exploring how these skills are gained over time as part of an ongoing long-term project in conjunction with Prof. Anthony Sinclair.

    Palaeolithic Art

    Hand Stencils
    Hand Stencils

    We are currently carrying out research into Palaeolithic Art in Europe and are able to use our artifical cave environment in CTL to recreate images and conditions that might have been experienced during the last Ice Age.

    In particular we have been examining hand stencils and attempting to devise a methodology for determining the sex of their creators.