Dr Gonca Dardeniz Arikan

Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology


Vitreous Materials, Pyrotechnical Installations, and Integrated Technologies During the 2nd and Early 1st Millennia B.C. in the Near East

This project focuses on developing a more clear understanding of the technology, innovation, and continuity regarding the vitreous industries of the second and first millennia B.C. through comprehensive research on the both objects and pyrotechnical features such as kilns. This research aims to establish and clarify new connections, especially between Anatolia and Egypt, in terms of the use of raw materials and preferred technologies. I will focus on the development and spread of vitrified material production technologies, resource procurement, manipulation of raw materials, technical know-how of artisans as well as integrated and multifunctional crafts by using archaeological and archaeometric methods that complement each other.

This project is awarded by the American Research Institute (ARIT) in 2017-2018 with the Machteld J. Mellink Fellowship.

Ancient metallurgy